Infinite Myriaads Pvt. Ltd. launches vocational training projects for the economically challenged

Infinite seeking funding for its vocational training projects under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A recent Times Foundation–TNS survey shows how companies have woken up to the value of virtue. The involvement of the corporate sector in CSR seems to have picked up after 1991 as 63% of the organizations started CSR during 1991-2005. In half of the cases (56%), people living near the organization or industry are covered as part of the CSR programmes. The other groups covered include poor people living in rural areas (42%), tribal people (16%), people selected in consultation with NGOs (11%) and communities selected randomly (11%). In the case of PSUs, coverage of people living near the industry or organization and rural population is more, while selection of people through NGOs is more common in the case of the private sector.


From the survey it is evident that companies who support projects under their CSR programs do gain in goodwill, branding and perception.

Infinite Myriaads is now seeking CSR funding support for its projects in

1)      Backward districts of Uttar Pradesh

2)      Outskirts of Bhubneshwar

3)      Outskirts of Pune

We propose to conduct the following sustainable programs for the children and youth of the region that will enable them to gain employment and economic independence

  • English language and soft skills – all the state wise report on Skill gap by NSDC highlight this as a critical gap
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Call centre

For any further clarification or supporting the programs details please do contact Mr Raj Mahadev at