Keep in touch

We are ever so consumed with communicating through technology that a simple meeting is rather an inconvenient option. There exists an invisible barrier between all of us. This phenomenon has a direct relation to your Organization’s culture.

In the corporate environment, we rely to interact with our colleagues via emails, with our clients and suppliers via telephones and text messages. Creating groups on chat platforms are more prevalent than regular team meetings. Imagine living in an environment, where our listening and speaking skills are not being utilized. This in fact is not a mere imagination; this is a reality to most of us.

Communicating has become a common verb signifying sending emails, speaking on the phones or text messaging. We assume our messages are delivered and seen.

However we are missing the essence of effective communication.

Effective communication means to fully understand the content and the meaning of the message through verbal and nonverbal cues.

Since people are connected like never before, working with various personalities and different cultures are common. It is essential for Organizations to have a good communication strategy to understand individual differences and cultural diversity within and outside the Organization. Building and maintaining relations is crucial to a successful communication approach. Networking and “being in touch” has become a norm.

Let’s bring back the most authentic form of communication i.e. having a one to one conversation. Where one can express feelings and ideas more accurately, causing less misunderstanding. Where, gestures, facial expressions and body language can provide reliable feedback.

We can in-sync ‘smart’ internal and external communication by implementing a well-crafted training strategy. Communication channels drive organizations, societies and institutes. – The question remains how should we sign out of our social network platform and log in to come together to rebuild our network.