Embracing our forgotten reality

We humans are blessed with a gift of choice. And we chose to design our personal and professional journeys around technology. No doubt, this choice is a ‘smart’ one, making our lives convenient, faster and smarter.
Nevertheless what if we chose a simple cycle of experiencing our world in another fashion? Reality in its authentic form. This reality includes all five senses and embraces the feeling of touch. A simple guide to reach this forgotten reality, in a few steps is as follows.
1. The practice of being in the present is a beautiful process. It is similar to meditation; however we can exercise this method while we perform our regular tasks as well. It is all about being aware of our thoughts and behaviour at a given moment. Complete focus and concentration on an action. The act of being present can become an oasis that could lead to drawing positivity in our lives.
2. 5 am is a period where the birds and bees rise. Perfect time to be one with nature, waking up along with the other creations. As the sunlight spreads and brightens our planet, we can embrace the opportunity of this period to inspire our mind and soul. A new day to fill ourselves with pure and progressive energy.
3. Notice, the quantity of information every being absorbs through social media, advertisements, news and many other sources. It is natural for our body and mind to attract stress and anxiety. Thus the necessity to take a step back and pause becomes essential. Taking a 5 minute break, 4 times a day revives our spirit. Meditation, a prayer or simply sitting back relaxing, invites strength, peace and gratitude to overpower our thought-processes.
We can enhance the quality of our lives by adding these simple and practical practices in our daily routine. This leads to an assured increase in emotional intelligence. As the process trains our mind to acquire skills to smoothly carry out activities in our personal endeavours and work environment. Guiding our behaviour to plan our tasks efficiently, to make better decisions and develop ourselves.